Invisible Cities

/Physical /2017 /0206

Italo Calvino's "Le città invisibili" takes readers on a journey through the imagined realm of Ersilia through postcards scattered throughout the text. One postcard stands out, not mentioned in the story but a reminder of the power of imagination and human connection. Its faded colors and frayed edges transport the reader to a place beyond Ersilia, where anything is possible and connections are boundless. Holding this postcard is a reminder that the stories we tell shape our world and the power of connection is limitless.

Reality Check

/Physical /2017 /0419

Have you ever questioned the authenticity of our reality? Are our memories and perceptions of the past accurate or distorted? These questions have puzzled humanity for centuries. A famous quote, "I awoke, only to find that the rest of the world is still asleep" is often attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, but some sources say it was said by Sigmund Freud about Leonardo. The true origins remain a mystery, reminding us to always question and seek the truth.

Vinyl Cover

/Physical /2017 /0515

The most important thing is listening, the recording of the music
It makes them get an, um, musical sense
And, um, gets to the point of the fast progress

And also, everyday, every lesson
We have to make sure they learn about tonalization

Generative Poster

/Digital /2017 /0609

"Beyond Dreams" is an exhibition that explores the depths of color and perception through generative art. It pays homage to the great Josef Albers and delves into the Interaction of Colors. The exhibition invites visitors to marvel at the endless possibilities created by code and question the ever-evolving relationship between humanity, technology, and color. It prompts visitors to wonder about the evolution of color in our world and where did the tactile go.

w/ Shaked Lokits.

Iron Teeth Opera

/Physical /2017 /0620

The architectural sketch of Jørn Utzon's grand opera house reminds us of the power and might embodied in the structures we create. Just like the fourth beast in Daniel's vision, which symbolizes the technology, materials, and strength that shape our physical world, our buildings are a reflection of the times. But let us not forget that, like all kingdoms, this fourth beast is ever-evolving. A fifth beast, the digital landscape, is emerging and shaping our world in ways we can't see. As we create and build, we must also strive to understand and harness these unseen forces for the betterment of humanity.

White Papers

/Physical /2017 /0621

The "50 White Papers" photography project explores the subtle nuances of white through macro photography of 49 white square papers. Using the same camera setup and lighting, the project captures the unique characteristics of each piece, printed onto one large white square. It's not just about the visuals, but a commentary on how technology and perspective shape our understanding of color and light. This project invites us to question our assumptions and see the world with a fresh white perspective.

Computers Club JLM

/Physical /2018 /0105

Fictional branding; Welcome to The Computers Club, an architectural oddity located in the heart of Jerusalem. Designed by Austen Harrison (1937), this building's clean lines and modern aesthetic resemble a brutalist-looking Space Invader, a symbol of the future that has landed in the present. Inside, a community of innovators gathers to learn the latest technology, explore the internet and blockchain, and push the boundaries of advertising and billing. But The Computers Club isn't just about the future, it also pays homage to the past through vintage computer posters that remind us that progress comes with understanding and respecting our history.

Science Fiction

/Physical /2018 /0129


Experience the complexity of internet privacy and security through my collection of Edward Snowden inspired cards. The nostalgic, cryptic aesthetic of old computers, glitch art, and vaporwave reflects the encrypted information exposed by Snowden in 2013. These cards are not just stylish accessories, but a reminder of the ongoing fight for online privacy and the importance of being informed. Join me in sparking a dialogue about the nuances of internet privacy & security, and make choices about our online presence.

Block Book Catalog

/Multi /2018 /0202

Unlock the mysteries of the mind with our psychedelic designs, crafted from the lyrics of Meir Ariel, Ehud Banai, and Ariel Zilber. Each design delves into the depths of the human psyche, exploring themes of self-discovery, finding a sense of belonging, and embracing change. The "Red Grapefruit" design, adorned with Meir Ariel's lyrics, is a visual representation of the mind's journey towards self-discovery. The "Pear" design, adorned with Ehud Banai's lyrics, represents the mind's journey to find its sense of belonging. And the "Orange" design, adorned with Ariel Zilber's lyrics, is a reminder to embrace change and growth.

Future is Now TLV

/Physical /2018 /0529

Experience the blend of technology and art with our "Tomorrow is Already Here" poster. Inspired by vintage DOS screens and IBM's style logos, this minimalistic design evokes nostalgia while emphasizing the event title. Join us as we showcase advancements and innovations in technology, art, music, and science shaping our present and future.


/Digital /2019 /0515

Step into the world of gl1tchb0y, the ultimate hero in our new art game created for educational purposes. Join gl1tchb0y as they navigate vintage glitched maps, harnessing the power of glitches to change the timeline and defeat the evil Infinite Loop ∞ corporation. This game combines entertainment and learning, allowing players to dive deep into the history of game design and vintage video/computer games. Paying homage to the classic mIRC interactive story by ch1p3r, players will take on the role of gl1tchb0y and embark on a quest to defeat the Infinite Loop ∞ or face banishment from the channel for a lifetime.

E66 — Being H1TL3R

/Digital /2019 /0625

Thought-provoking game art that delves into the complexities of one of history's most controversial figures. Players take on the role of Hitler, but with a twist - everyone is Hitler. The objective is to navigate a self-destructing gas chamber map while staying efficient and merciless. The game is built on cutting-edge neurotechnology and screen-based FPS gameplay for an immersive experience. The game allowing players to play as famous characters from the gaming verse as Hitler, each with their attributes and powers. (Fictional). Created for educational and artistic purposes only, and any offense caused by the content is deeply regretted.

VC Lobby Bezalel 19

/Multi /2019 /0707

Excited to have been a part of the Bezalel Jerusalem Graduation Exhibition 2019 Production Group, also known as the Visual Communication Lobby Exhibition (19), as a branding and design partner. A special shoutout to my collaborators for their invaluable contributions, as well as to the entire design team, the exhibition curators, the sponsors, and the visual communication department for their hard work and dedication to making this exhibition a success. I am grateful for the opportunity to showcase and design among the talented graduates of Bezalel Academy. Thanks to everyone involved for making this happen!

w/ Omaima Dajani & Omer Binder.


/Digital /2019 /1210

Introducing Kith&Kath, the purrfect duo on a quest to bring the wool ball home. With seamless co-op using just one controller and the space key, this prototype will get you and your gaming partner closer than ever. Trust me, once those kitties catch that ball...
they won't let go!

I had the privilege of creating this game prototype alongside with my student colleagues, all as a part of our educational journey.

w/ Tal Shave, Ido Lazer, Hagar Dolev & Karin Sorokin.


/Digital /2019 /1224

As part of a Game Jam course, I teamed up w/ Yagel Chernia and Dov Edelson, two talented colleagues from Hebrew University and Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem, to create Keyper.

This innovative game prototype collects valuable data while providing a fun and challenging team game experience. The goal is to keep a sphere ball from dropping off a keyboard while unlocking opportunities and collaborations through the data collected.

Check out my page, and see how we combined our design and computer science skills to create this unique game prototype.

Neon Dasher

/Digital /2020 /0209

Hyper-Casual Platformer. As a visual communication student, I've been exploring ways to create new experiences that push the boundaries.

This hyper-casual platformer is designed to test your skills to the limit! With only one level, it's a challenge that will push you to your limits, and the gameplay is crafted to stimulate your senses and achieve stress relief behaviors.

I know that gaming can have a positive impact on our lives, and I've put a lot of thought into creating an experience that's not only fun but also helps you escape the stresses of the world.


/Digital /2020 /0211

Tryst is a minimalist two-player exploration game. The game aims to help each other find their friend in opposite worlds filled with contrasts.
We incorporated light beacons, an Echo signal, and a trail mechanic to encourage players to work together. Developing Tryst was an incredible experience that taught me much about game design, development, teamwork, and communication.

w/ Mati Kalter, Ido Lazar, Ofek Mizrahi, Jasmine Nackash & Bat-Sheva Schiff.

Gender Blender

/Digital /2020 /0322

Under Ruthie Kantor's guidance, I had the honor of working alongside the talented branding team of Gai Safran Lulai, Maor Maoritsyoo Michaelov, and Omaima Dajani to develop the branding for the Gender Blender exhibition, using a 3D model of a chromatic orchid symbolizing gender and sexuality. Before the COVID-19 quarantine, we captured some quick videos thanks to Naama Dashevski. Despite the physical exhibition being canceled, we adapted by presenting it online. Thanks to everyone involved, including Dr. Yael Rosin, Bar Sheetrit, and faculty members, for their support.

RiPiT H00K

/Multi /2020 /0812

RiPiT H00K's Nightmare is a custom-manipulated DATA EAST 1992 HOOK pinball machine we created for our graduation project. We updated the vintage-futuristic, analog-digital game platform by interfacing a modern computer with the pinball machine. This allowed players of all ages to participate in an outstanding multi-age game experience. Our colorful OOAK pop-art piece of visuals spanned from the early 20th century to the present. The prototype was created for educational purposes and was meant to be showcased at Bezalel's Graduation Exhibition of 2020. The event was canceled due to the COVID-19.

w/ Guy Bar-Hava & Shaked Lokits.

Instructional Video

/Digital /2021 /0404

Created for, help users understand the usage of the drive-through system. The video shows what a client will see using the scanner and the device, including a friendly User Interface and Experience.

I took part as Design Generalist, solidifying the brand's design, including consulting about UX/UI.

I also created this whole render simulation: indicators, hierarchy, and explanatory UI.

Coming of Age Teaser

/Digital /2022 /0308

"Make the Country Young Again".
In the groundbreaking series "Coming of Age," I worked as a designer alongside visionary talents Riki Shelach, Naama Dashevski, and Delphine Thouvenot.
The project challenges societal norms with its powerful theme of defying Age Apartheid. Through remote collaboration and the support of Series Mania 22, Lille, France, I'm inspired to grow personally and make a lasting impact in the global creative industry.

Premiere Screening: Series Mania 22, Lille, France.


/Digital /2022 /0716

Project by Jee Yoon Lee @RCA22:
Revolutionary blockchain-based product ID system for the beauty industry. Compounds prioritize transparency, traceability, and authenticity.

As Jee's visual design assistant, I contributed to creating Compounds' prototypes, UI, and 3D simulation. Together, we brought her vision to life, crafting a visually beautiful interface and an immersive interactive experience to explore.

The "Compounds" concept shapes the beauty industry's future, redefining standards and empowering consumers.


/Digital /2022 /1005

Experience the thrilling gameplay of this hyper-casual game prototype developed by me. Crush flying boxes in epic combos and climb the leaderboard in this addictive, fast-paced game. Part of the Junior Programmer Pathway at Unity Learn: Bonus Features V.
BOX MASTER showcases my skills and passion for game development.

Play for FREE & Support, link below.

Coming of Age Teaser

/Digital /2022 /1023

"Make the Country Young Again".
In the groundbreaking series "Coming of Age," I worked as a designer alongside visionary talents Riki Shelach, Naama Dashevski, and Delphine Thouvenot.
The project challenges societal norms with its powerful theme of defying Age Apartheid.
Through remote collaboration and the support of Series Mania 22, Lille, France, I'm inspired to grow personally and make a lasting impact in the global creative industry.

Premiere Screening: International Film Festival 22, Haifa, Israel.

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